For the developing country like India the basic requirements to expedite the overall development are as under:-

Development of Infrastructure like Roads , Railways, Transportation, Docks and Harbors. Research & Development in Modern agricultural system Development of water management system– Construction of Dams, Canals, Check Dams.
All above mentioned area are under Civil Engineering. Hence there are ample opportunities of employment as well as self employment.

Keeping such requirement in mind competent and experienced faculty of civil engineering department prepare the student by giving ample assignments conducting test, arranging more field work practice arranging field trips have the visualization of usage of modern technology in different fields and also in the field of testing of various building materials.

The Department has set up Universal Testing Machine in S.M. Lab and all the amenities at a Cost of Rs. 10 Lakhs have been provided for the effective learning for our students.
All Manually operated Equipments are Modernized with Power operated Equipments at a cost of Rs.10 Lakhs. Surveying Classes are conducted using Digital Theodolites & Levels.

Self Employment
Most of the outgoing students of Civil Engineering Branch are becoming Engg. Contractors after One or Two years Experience. They are earning very well and they feel very happy.

Job Opportunity
Junior Engineer (J.E) in PWD, Electricity Board, Highways and Rural Development Department, Railway, SAIL, Building Construction Department, PHED, CPWD.
Junior Engineer (J.E) in private sectors like L&T, TATA, DLF, East Coast Construction, Hindustan Cons. Corporation (HCC), UNITECH.